Why Do Pets Matter? Hosted by Debra Hamilton, Esq.

Melissa Supernor on Why Do Pets Matter? with Debra Hamilton Podcast #145

July 30, 2020

Do you love cats? Yes? You're in for a real treat!

During this episode of "Why Do Pets Matter?" Debra has a powerful conversation with Melissa Supernor about how her pets -- 4 calico cats -- are helping her staying sane during these challenging times. Melissa also shares some wonderful insights into the nature of calicos -- the "red-heads" of the feline world!


Plus Melissa talks about what makes a veterinary practice extraordinary and how much better everyone is served when veterinary teams are engaged with their clients -- and vice versa! 


More About Melissa Supernor


Melissa J. Supernor is founder and president of Educational Advocate for the Veterinary Team (EdAVT). You can learn more on her website: https://www.edavtheals.com/about

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